Who are we?

A home is a dream come true.

While we were building our home in Solishta, we were dreaming of staying here with our friends and enjoying the comforts of it – together, in a beautiful place.
Where are we located?

The village of Solishta is nestled right beneath Perelik peak...

and 4 kilometers away from Shiroka Laka. At only twenty kilometers from Smolyan, Pamporovo, Chepelare and Devin, you will have the opportunity to enjoy both skiing in the winter and the walks among the cool Rhodope Mountains in the summer.
  • winter skiing
  • summer roaming through cool Rhodopes
  • full relax in The Red Doors House


The interweaving of natural materials with modern architecture creates a harmonious environment that nurtures tranquility and inspiration


Carefully selected materials and colors, soothing textures, contribute to the overall feeling of comfort and relaxation


The combination of contemporary and retro design elements results in a lively and welcoming atmosphere that reflects individualism

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One day tours around The Red Doors House


25 km
Devin is a charming mountain town that has attracted major investors for the past three years, but it never lost its pastoral atmosphere and that sense as if here time passes slowly.


39 km
There is a lot to write about Trigrad, but it would be better to see and experience all of it on your own. The long one-hour journey between Solishta and Trigrad is an experience in itself.


39 km
This charming mountain village has taken its name not from the numerous wild strawberries (“yagoda” means “strawberry” in Bulgarian) which the locals call by the juicy name zonitsi, but from the strawberry red color of the local women’s cheeks and their gentle smiles.

Our other accommodation offers

Sea apartment in the village of Lozenets

If you wish to enjoy beautiful beaches with fine sand and marvelous bays without missing the unique atmosphere of the vibrant nightlife, the party rhythms in the clubs, and the capital’s excellent restaurants and bars "Tavan", "Vila Arte", "By the way" and so on, which you are used to, then Lozenets is your summer quay. The village has long become a favorite spot for native celebrities, artists, and public figures.

Complex "The Four Houses" - Kostenkovtsi

When was the last time you felt exactly in the right place? Do you remember the feeling: the mind is calm and serene, you breathe deeply and slowly, there is a subtle warmth in your heart, and the flickering threads that radiate out of your solar plexus connect you with everything around.. We don’t know whether this will happen, but we invite you to sit by the pool and feel the protection of the stone houses behind you.