What can I do in the region?

Certainly, you could enjoy skiing during the winter season at Pamporovo (some 14 km / 9 mi away). The closest ski lift is only 10 km/ 7 mi away from our house, in the village of Stoykite. Most of all, you can relax. However, if you stay longer and you would like to get to know the region, we can offer you several ideas for having an exciting time:

Entertainment in and around Pamporovo resort during the warm season: If you check out the website https://pamporovo.me/en/ you can find comprehensive information about all possible summer activities: horse riding; robe trolls where you can fly over gorges; mountain climbing; caving; many hiking tours etc. As a minimum adventure, you can take a walk to Orpheus’ rocks, 30 minutes away from Snezhanka tower. Once you are there, you will experience the source of inspiration for the mythic hero Orpheus who was born in Rhodope Mountain and his magical music. If you need more trill – try the alpine robe troll that you will find following the Eco trail Nevyastata https://bgwalk.com/en/tourist-sites/skala%20-%20nevyastata%20-%20i%20-%20ekopteka%20-%20nevyastata .   

New: Off-road Safari

For adventure fans, we have a new attraction – safari with off-road vehicle. Up to 8 people can take place in the car. They will see the amazing sights of the Rhodopes, or will enjoy the delicious BBQ on beautiful meadows.
The price with BBQ included is 15 BGN/person (minimum 80 BGN). Without BBQ, the price is 10 BGN/person (minimum 50 BGN).

New: Boat tours

If you love water and want to look the incredible mountain views from different perspective, our boat tours over the waves of Tsankov Kamak dam will give you the chance. The prices are as follows:

With your own transport to the dam and boat tour:15.00 BGN per person
Min. 40.00 BGN – up to 3 people; Min. 80.00 BGN – more than 3 people
With your own transport to the dam, boat tour and BBQ:20.00 BGN per person
Min. 60.00 BGN – up to 3 people; Min. 100.00 BGN – more than 3 people
With our off-road vehicle to the dam and boat tour:20.00 BGN per person
Min. 90.00 BGN – up to 3 people; Min. 110.00 BGN – more than 3 people
With our off-road vehicle to the dam, boat tour and BBQ: 25.00 BGN per person
Min. 100.00 BGN – up to 3 people;
Min. 130.00 BGN – more than 3 people

* Max number of passengers – 6 people.

Hikes around Solishta:

From Solishta through Stikal village to Gela. Ask the locals for the dirt road to Stikal. On the way from Stikal to Gela, there is an arbour, where a path starts for Turlata Peak and the ruins of an ancient stronghold. Here you can end your hike and go back to Solishta via the asphalt road. If you follow the cart-way for Gela, you can then go back via the asphalt road, starting from the bus stop in Gela. Tougher hiking enthusiasts can continue through the St. Iliya area and Zaevite neighbourhood on to Shiroka Luka. In late July, there is a bagpipe playing competition near the St. Iliya chapel, where bagpipers from Bulgaria and the world come to test their talent. You will keep remembering that view for a long time every night before you fall asleep. The hike can take between 2 and 6 hours, depending on where you decide to go back to Solishta. If you get to Shiroka Luka through this route, it would be best if someone could wait for you with a car in order to drive you back. Bring fruit, water, and a pack of light food.
There is an option of walking the way back, starting from Shiroka Luka village (after someone has driven you there). Until you reach Gela, follow the green marking, starting near the hotel “Shiroka Luka” above the Musical School.

Going north, you can go down to Shiroka Luka along the Valley of Oslen River.
Going south, a faint red marking takes you down a dirt road and then a path up to the hut “Perelik”.
If you are in Shiroka Luka village, ask the locals how to get to Paraklis “Sveti Duh” (Holy Spirit Chapel). The chapel was built over an ancient Thracian sanctuary and the locals heal themselves by sleeping there. While in Shiroka Luka, do not miss the ethnographic exhibition, set up in the former Turkish town hall – the last beautiful old building in the direction of Pamporovo. Before heading that way, ask the locals who has the keys for the place. Make note of the old bridge and the church on its other end. The story about the building of the church is a favourite one of the locals and they would gladly share it with you.
If you are in the region during the school year, visit the National Musical School in Shiroka Luka. You might be lucky enough to come across a folklore music and dances concert, or you could at least watch the children rehearsing.
If you head east from Shiroka Luka towards Devin, some ten kilometers later, on your left side, there will be a fish restaurant by the river, called “Ribarska Hija” (Fisherman’s Hut). This place is good for a long lunch.
Good ideas, right?
Here are several suggestions for one-day trips with no more than an hour driving in each direction

An hour of driving might sound like a lot if you are on vacation, but it is well worth it because of the opportunities it gives you and the natural wonders you will see in the heart of the Rhodopes. Do not be surprised by the numerous hitchhikers – this is a typical way of getting around in this region, since there is no public transportation. If you are up for a pleasant chat – pick up a local hitchhiker. This is a convenient opportunity to get a glimpse of the locals’ colour and to learn a bit more about their life.

People who miss urban life could travel west towards the Pamporovo Resort and the town of Smolyan.

However, we would recommend you three destinations to the east and to the south:

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