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Домът е претворена мечта. Докато градихме своя дом в Солища, мечтаехме да бъдем тук с приятели, с които да се чувстваме уютно – заедно и на красиво място. Ще се радваме да споделите нашата мечта! Заповядайте с приятели в Къщата с червените врати!







Къде се намираме?

Точно под връх Перелик и на 4 километра от Широка лъка се е сгушило село Солища. Само на двайсетина километра от Смолян, Пампорово, Чепеларе и Девин, Вие ще имате възможност както за зимен ски туризъм, така и за летни разходки сред прохладните Родопи.


 Заповядайте с приятели в Къщата с червените врати!

Swimming Pool

Indulge yourself in a huge pool next to your bedroom

Big swimming pool with warm and crystal-clear water will be a pleasant addition for your relaxing vacation. Simply call us a day before the arrival and we will organize it.

Spa Center

Let yourself fully relax and enjoy the process

Specially for you we have prepared a big number of various spa procedures to make you fully loosen and relaxed. You’ll receive the best massage, conducted by our top professionals.

Indoor Restaurant

Taste the exquisite dishes from all over the world

A Michelin star restaurant next to the chic apartment just in a few steps from it. Do not refuse to taste delicious food cooked specifically for you by our top-rated chefs.

Fitness Center

Stay fit even during a nice vacation

You can take the advantage of a fully equipped gym with lots of training simulators, which will help you to stay healthy while the vacation. Go as many times as you wish.

Underground Parking

We will take care of your vehicle and even more!

Under the apartment building there is a specious parking place, where you can calmly leave any type of vehicle you have and our staff will cautiously take care of it.

Child Care

Create an absorbing activities for kids

You can fully rely on the our professional nannies with the big experience of more than ten years! They know for sure what all children want and will make them happy.

Recommended Attractions

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With its elegantly designed main concourse, this rail station is much more than just the massive transporting human hub.

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It’s impossible to miss the colossal billboards, glitzy lights and massive crowds that make intersection the city’s beating heart.

1.1 km

Manhattan’s most iconic construction offers sweeping, bird’s-eye views of the city from observation decks on the 86th floor.

1.2 km

Central Park is an urban park in Manhattan, New York City. It is located between the Upper West Upper East Sides.

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