We could write a lot about Trigrad, but it would be better if you see and experience it on your own.

A one-day trip to Trigrad

The one-hour drive between Solishta and Trigrad is a great experience by itself. Nature gets even more candid, while your senses become keener and keener. Park at the parking lot in front of the cave "Diavolskoto gurlo" (Devil's Throat), right after the tunnel by the chasm in the middle of the Trigrad Gorge. Then, you'd better forget there is such a thing as "time" – don't worry, forgetting time here is very easy. Get a beer and give in to the charm of local cavers and the regular "trigradomaniacs", who are lingering around. You will most probably hear conversations about motor bikes (motor biking is the true religion around here, not Islam), tourists will be picked on in the unique Trigrad manner – a combination of biting bluntness and respect, then someone will start singing… Making a schedule for spending one day in this place, locked away from the rest of the world is impossible. If you blend into the atmosphere, every moment will be precious, and every moment will change you. That is why we will only list the options for active relaxation in Trigrad.

  • While loitering around the parking lot with a glass in your hand, you can visit the cave "Diavolskoto gurlo" (Devil's Throat). When you go inside you will realize why the cave was named this way. Legends say that this is the place where Orpheus went down into Hades in order to bring his wife Eurydice back to the world of the living. However, right before the exit he succumbed to the temptation and looked back, while the only condition for his wife to be let back among the living was that he should not look back. Indeed, the 60-metre subterranean waterfall in the Roaring Hall (Butchashtata zala) and its water, disappearing into the unknown bowels of the earth, is a view that demands attention. The moment you step from the steep underground stairs back into the light of our world will be a moment of pure celebration that you are alive.
  • After you recuperate from the mesmerizing entrance to the cave, you can explore its exit. To get there, you need a boat and a guide. The trip takes about 20 minutes and feels like a pilgrimage into an underground temple of mysteries. After the roar of the waterfall at the cave's natural entrance, the silence here will feel odd. The water has been seeping down the earth for more than two hours through a distance that is actually only 300 meters by air. Its silence after this revival is striking.
  • After the underground boat trip, you walk out, deep in thought. In order to join the general mood of high spirits, we would suggest that you try jumping over the chasm in the middle of the gorge with a "Tarzan Trolley". A raise of your adrenaline level is guaranteed.
At the entrance to the Devil's Throat cave, there is always someone to exchange a sweet tale with
The gorge rocks of the will take your breath away!
Inside the cave itself, you are amazed by the power of the natural elements
Everything we have described so far takes no more than two hours, including the pauses in-between adventures. The emotions you will experience, however, are just a faint shadow of the overwhelming feelings you experience when you conquer the cave "Haramiiska peshtera", which consists of small and large cavities, intertwined in the sheer highest part of the gorge, across from the parking lot. The route looks like it was especially created to challenge all space-related phobias: climbing a 30-metre sheer cliff; crawling through tight spaces; hanging on a rope 43 metres above an empty, echoing underground space; arduous climbing on tree roots; walking on the edge of a 300-metre chasm; going down a steep scree… Total self-control, a moment later – complete trust in a stranger, who has become your closest friend at this moment; expectation, fever, relief, and then long, cleansing laughter… If all this sounds terrifying rather than attractive to you, ask the people, who go back to Haramiiska, why they do it. They will answer, "Because here you can really feel life vibrating in your body and soul." If you would like to experience all these things, you will have to make an appointment with the guide of the cave Haramiiska Peshtera – Emo Brazgov: 0888 314658; 03040 265. Groups meet up at 10:00 at the parking lot in front of Diavolskoto Gurlo.

 Another unique route starts from the parking lot in front of Diavolskoto gurlo - the Via Ferata. You climb iron steps up to the top of the gorge, where you will find a botanical garden with local endemic plants. On your way back, you pass through the cave Prohodna. If you are with a loved one, you should seal that moment with a kiss.

Other activities in Trigrad are available at the Riding Club in the other end of the village. A two-hour horse ride along the river up to the idyllic village Vodni Pad will let your eyes bathe in pristine colours, let your body merge with the rhythm of a different life, and let your dreams blossom in peace with creation.
Lunch options in Trigrad:

  1. At the Bear museum “Muzej na Mechkata” during summer months. Kostadin Hadzhijski – a local legendary person, whose joyful spirit is kept here, created it.В ресторанта на хотел „Хорлог“.
  2. At “Horlog” hotel just next door.
  3. At the restaurant of the chalet Trigradski Skali;
  4. In the central area of the village, at the tavern behind the post office or in the restaurant of the “Deni” hotel.
  5. In the restaurant of “Arkan” hotel – just next to the horse base.