The house have a fully equipped kitchen and barbecue are available, as well as supplies of lasting products such as salt, cooking oil, sugar, onions, etc. You need to bring any perishables that you would like to cook with you. If you have not bought products in the city that you are departing from, you can do it in any of the towns on the way (Chepelare or Devin), or, as a last stop, in Shiroka Luka. Smaller settlements in the Rhodopes might have no milk in the stores.

On-site food service

New service: From March onwards we offer our guests on-site food service - breakfast, lunch, dinner (including typical local dishes). We also offer fresh home-made products for sale such as eggs, fresh milk, and yoghurt. For more information, contact your hosts - Dancheto +359884 687346 and/or Angel +359882 654991

For BGN 10 delivery, you can order breakfast, lunch or dinner from the below menu:

Banks and money

The nearest ATMs are in Pamporovo, Devin and Shiroka Luka. You cannot count on electronic cards in the region, so you need to have enough cash and change on you. For banking that is more complicated or other administrative services, you would need to go to Smolyan or Devin.

First aid

The nearest hospitals are in Smolyan and Devin. The one in Smolyan is larger and has more specialists available.


Public transportation in the region is poorly developed and it would be best if you could rely on your own vehicle. There are several buses every day from Sofia to Smolyan, departing from Tsentralna Avtogara (Central Bus Station). There are buses from Sofia to Devin on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in 17:00, departing from Avtogara Yug (Bus Station South). There are several buses every day from Plovdiv to Smolyan and Devin, departing from Avtogara Rodopi (Rhodopes Bus Station). There is a bus line between Smolyan and Devin, which stops at Shiroka Luka. Hitchhiking is a typical way of getting around in this part of Bulgaria.
In case you need help or assistance on-site, please call your hosts - Dancheto +359884 687346 and/or Angel +359882 654991